Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our Box drop-offs tab for a full list of venues. You may drop your box off at ANY venue.

We rely on volunteers and no one is paid to be a drop off, therefore we are currently only available in certain areas, please consider making a financial donation towards a virtual box, we will purchase goods and pack a box for you. Please complete the donation list and we will use the funds to purchase what you selected from the donation form. A full donation list is available on the login and register tabs.

If you cannot make the drop off date you can either make a financial donation and we will make your box up for you, or you can email us and we will let you know of any other drop off dates.

We would prefer a packet, typek box or gift bag with your label stapled or stuck on. A wrapped box with your label stuck on is also accepted, please wrap the lid seperately.
Use old gift bags that you received and kept if you wish.

You may bring your box to any of the drop-off venues during the specified time for that venue, we will be putting all boxes together before we distribute them.

You can email us and let us know and we will try make a plan or you can make a financial donation.

The boxes must contain all 5 items,
Two things yum (food AND a treat)
Something Warm
Something Useful
Something Fun
The 6th item is optional, Something for Staff, anything from biscuits, to tea, to clothes, to money can be donated for staff members.

Items such as tea, coffee, sugar, a mug, bath products, anything really that is non-perishable.

All 5 items as listed above must be packed, and the food and treats must be specifically for Puppies and Kittens.

Useful items can include animal shampoo, flea powder, a collar, leash, bowl, pet brush, dewormer, any item that would be useful for the shelter and township animals.

Any toys, such as tennis balls, rope toys, catnip, toy mice, etc are all acceptable.

A jersey or blanket for dogs, for cats a blanket is best.

We would really appreciate extra items, however, we would love if you could be so kind as to donate the extra items separately in a packet or on the side. We try to keep the boxes as equally fair as possible, and use the extra items to fill incomplete boxes, eg missing one of the required items. We also use the extra items to make up new boxes, to help cover those that were pledged and not received.

A typek (paper ream) box works best, but shoeboxes and any other types of boxes are all accepted, as long as the items can fit inside.

Absolutely, pellets are great as they feed many more animals. If you can't fit the bag in the bag of pellets in the box, simply put it next to the box or tie the box or packet to it.

Companies can pledge 10 boxes or more and receive free advertising on our website and Facebook pages.

Schools can help out by asking grades to bring different items for the boxes, or make a financial donation. If the school is only able to donate one item, we would prefer food for the shelters. We will collect boxes from your school if you need us too.

Yes, we are trying to expand as much as possible but since we rely on volunteers we are only available in certain areas. You may make a financial donation if you live in an area not listed.

We have a list of very worthy charities onboard for 2015 and full details can be found on the beneficiaries tab for each area of the website.

You can make a financial donation and we will make the box(es) up for you or you can get friends and family involved and donate to a local shelter. If you think you could be a drop off for an area not listed, contact us so we can arrange it for next year.

Our 2017 beneficiaries are finalised, but you may email us and we will add you for future consideration. Please remember we try to help everyone, and the more support we get, the more charities we can add to the list.

No, please don't pledge a box if you cannot take it to the drop off venue. If you'd like to donate a box to a shelter yourself, please do so without pledging though.
We go through all the boxes, we match them to the shelters based on their wishlists and we drop them all off together to the shelters.

Please email us and we will discuss what is needed.

Please check that your area doesn't already have a drop off first. If the nearest drop off is far away, please email us to inquire about becoming a drop off.

Sign into your account and all pledged boxes will be there.

Sign in and add pledge more boxes, this will be added to your total pledges which you can check on your home page.

The second and third weekends in December, but please watch our page for updates of when each specific shelter will be receiving a pack.

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