Animal Anti Cruelty League Durban

Cat Boxes: 89
Dog Boxes: 65
Kitten Boxes: 4
Puppy Boxes: 12
Dog Food: 16 kg

Grahamstown SPCA

Cat Boxes: 25
Dog Boxes: 55
Kitten Boxes: 17
Puppy Boxes: 18
Dog Food: 100
Cat Food: 12
Other Items: - R5500 in financial donations - R1100 into vet bill - 6 puppy cans - 16 dog cans - 31 cat cans - 2 kitten tins

9th Day

Dog Boxes: 100
Puppy Boxes: 12

Adorabull Terrier Rescue

Dog Boxes: 50
Other Items: 1x peanut butter 1x tin food 2x hooves 1x bag of Waggies food 1 x blanket 4x shell pools additional


Cat Boxes: 20
Dog Boxes: 30
Kitten Boxes: 5
Puppy Boxes: 5

Amaranthine Purple Red Paws

Cat Boxes: 18
Dog Boxes: 63

Animal Allies

Cat Boxes: 15
Dog Boxes: 135

BARC - Benoni Animal Rescue

Other Items: 108 boxes, each filled with two things yum, something warm, something fun and something useful.

Bewise Sterilise

Cat Boxes: 60
Cat Food: 50kg and 12 tins pamper wet food
Other Items: Staff items- biscuits and tea for 5 staff members

Border Collie Rescue South Africa

Dog Boxes: 82
Dog Food: they got tins and sashets
Other Items: a few extra goodies.

Cat Village

Other Items: 1080 cat tins, thank you Pet Heaven for all your support with this. The cats are going to love their Hill's treats.

Catz R Us South Africa

Cat Boxes: 57
Kitten Boxes: 3
Cat Food: 50kg and 12 tins pamper wet food
Other Items: Staff items - biscuits

Chihuahua Adoptions

Dog Boxes: 30
Dog Food: 24kg
Other Items: Gift bag with lots of sweet items for humans. 2 x pedigree dog food bags Extra tin food 2 extra jerseys

CLAW - Community Led Animal Welfare

Cat Boxes: 30
Dog Boxes: 120
Kitten Boxes: 25
Puppy Boxes: 25
Other Items: thank you to pet heaven for allowing people to purchase online, a number of the packs given to CLAW included 10kg Montego bags.


Cat Boxes: 27
Kitten Boxes: 1

Dogtown South Africa

Dog Food: 250kg Montego
Other Items: 50 tins of Husky food 50 packets of Beenos 50 tennis balls 2 bags of staff items

Domestic Pet Rescue

Cat Boxes: 15
Dog Boxes: 65

Fairland Feral Cats

Cat Food: 80kgs
Other Items: We ordered 80kgs of Ideal for the Fairland Ferals


Dog Boxes: 3
Dog Food: 50
Other Items: treats - 50 beenos / rollies packs toys - 50 toys useful - 50 dewomers warm - 50 jerseys Dogs leashes - 50 3 shells cats food - 50 tins treats- 50 nibbles packs 10 cat scratches cat/kitten - 50 deowormers cat - 50 small fleece blankets

Husky Rescue South Africa

Dog Boxes: 9
Dog Food: 54tins
Other Items: 5 shells, biscuits and balls

Maltese/French Poodle/Yorkie Rescue, South Africa

Dog Boxes: 75
Puppy Boxes: 5
Other Items: 20 sachets of Dog food 20 jerseys 2 bags of staff items

New Hope Dog Rescue

Other Items: 115 dog boxes Thank you to Daschund Haven for paying it forward and donating 65 packs to them, as the daxies are in foster care so the shelter animals needed the items a lot more.

Nordic Rescue South Africa

Dog Boxes: 30
Dog Food: 10 ten kilo bags. So 100kg.
Other Items: Extra Epol dog tins. 3 plastic clam pools.

Pawesome Wacky Whiskers

Cat Boxes: 60
Dog Boxes: 60

Paws Love

Cat Boxes: 15
Dog Boxes: 80
Other Items: 25 Extra blankets 25 Dog food sachets 25 Cans of dogfood

Paws R Us South Africa

Dog Boxes: 80

PETS JHB - Pet Empowerment in Townships

Dog Food: 1000kgs of dog food

Pretoria Dog Rescue

Dog Boxes: 75
Dog Food: 100kg
Other Items: few extra

Pug Rescue South Africa

Other Items: 130 dog These packs were made using financial donations, each dog was sponsored and received packs with their name and a card, inside each pack was beenos, husky in gravy, a blanket or jersey, a toy, a leash for a township animal.

Ridgeback Rehab

Dog Boxes: 40
Dog Food: 75kgs Montego

Sandpaper Kisses

Cat Boxes: 10
Cat Food: 125kg
Other Items: 50 tins cat food . plus 10 full boxes

Spaniel Rescue South Africa

Dog Boxes: 40
Other Items: thank you to pet heaven for allowing people to purchase online, spaniel rescue received 40 boxes, each with Montego pellets

Spaniel Welfare South Africa

Dog Boxes: 40
Other Items: thank you to pet heaven for allowing people to purchase online, spaniel rescue received 40 boxes, each with Montego pellets

SPCA Alberton

Other Items: 60 boxes

SPCA Centurion

Cat Boxes: 50 cat
Dog Boxes: 60 dog
Other Items: 220 doggy jackets. no blankets as thier store room is full of blankets and they use jackets everyday in winter. 120 of the jackets I made myself. 10 of the doggy boxes where not pledged. brought extra but a volunteer. a few extra goodies over above the 50 and 60 boxes

SPCA Sandton

Other Items: a total of 98 boxes, of the 4 types. Each filled with two things yum, something warm, something fun and something useful

SPCA Tshwane

Cat Boxes: 25
Dog Boxes: 25
Dog Food: 80

The Animal Guardians TAG

Cat Boxes: 15
Dog Boxes: 100
Kitten Boxes: 1

The Cat Foundation

Cat Boxes: 10
Cat Food: 125kg
Other Items: 50 tin cat food. plus 10 full cat noxes

The Dachshund Haven

Dog Boxes: 65
Dog Food: 24kgs food
Other Items: gift bags sweet items for humans tin food

The Society for Animals in Distress

Dog Boxes: 60

Whiskers and Paws

Cat Boxes: 30
Cat Food: 175kgs cat pellets


Cat Boxes: 60
Dog Boxes: 70
Dog Food: 100kg
Cat Food: 40kg
Other Items: quiet a few extra items and extra bowls

HUHTAR - Help Us Help Them Animal Rescue

Cat Boxes: 13
Dog Boxes: 14
Kitten Boxes: 2
Puppy Boxes: 7
Dog Food: 45
Cat Food: 30
Other Items: Extra dog blankets and treats


Cat Boxes: 20
Kitten Boxes: 2
Cat Food: 2kg

Mazarat Animal Rescue

Cat Boxes: 12
Dog Boxes: 36
Kitten Boxes: 2
Puppy Boxes: 7
Dog Food: 8kg

SPCA Amanzimtoti

Other Items: 44 Boxes in total. Sorry not sure about the breakdowns.

SPCA Amanzimtoti

Dog Boxes: 1
Puppy Boxes: 1
Other Items: This was a late drop off. I will take to SPCA hopefully today.

House Angels PTY LTD

Cat Boxes: 5
Dog Boxes: 12
Kitten Boxes: 4
Puppy Boxes: 8

4 Our Paws

Cat Boxes: 26
Dog Boxes: 58
Kitten Boxes: 19
Puppy Boxes: 25
Dog Food: 10kg puppy food, 90kg dog food
Other Items: 2 shells, 8 boxes made up of virtual donations

4 Our Paws

Cat Boxes: 80
Other Items: cat scratches cat food

Potch Paws

Cat Boxes: 43
Dog Boxes: 56
Kitten Boxes: 11
Puppy Boxes: 36
Dog Food: 25kgs + 20 cans
Cat Food: 12kgs + 15 cans
Other Items: 10kgs rice, 120kgs cat litter

Animal Lighthouse

About 100 boxes, and this note from them A Massive, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to Santa Cause for Paws and each and everyone who pledge and give a box of goodies for our puppies, kittens and the adult dogs and cats!! It was such a huge pleasure seeing all the love!! The puppies and kittens are in heaven!! Thank You Thank you Pauline Hollis and Colleen and her mom Pat for the delivery!!

Dogs Deserve Better

Cat Boxes: 10
Dog Boxes: 26
Puppy Boxes: 9
Dog Food: 14.5 kg of pellets
Other Items: 7 small dog beds made by public and 15 dog beds I arranged


A message from HART How can we ever thank everyone who supported this year's Santa Cause for Paws ? We were so lucky to be one of the chosen rescue organisation's this year. We received over 100 gifts as well as a huge bag of doggie jackets lovingly hand made and a huge pile of dog beds. To the ladies behind the scenes who work tirelessly each year to ensure so many animals are spoilt, a huge hug. We shared some of our spoils with another rescue who have helped us with some special needs dogs.

Grahamstown Christmas Drive

103 gift boxes, each filled with five items
R5600 VET bill payment
We were able to order the following and have it delivered to the SPCA, thank you to everyone that made a financial donation via our website

25kg Bobtail large breed pellets
25KG Monty and me Puppy Food pellets
3kg Montego Kitten food
10kg Complete Cat food pellers
2kg Montego Bag O'Wags treats
Dr Hahnz succulent duck
Dr Hahnz Chicken and Turkey

103 boxes of pet goodies in time for Christmas for the dogs and cats at the SPCA were handed over to staff and management by Candice Owen and Sashay Bates as part of the Santa Cause for Paws campaign.
A bonus was the money raised which will go to the SPCA's vet bill. Alongside was the inaugural SPCA Christmas Market where folk braved the 37C heat to buy dreamcatchers, shweshwe shoes, beaded creatures, ginger-lemon syrup and plants, and find to shade for enjoy a cool drink, or home-made ice cream.


We are still updating this so Stay tuned 'til the end of the drive.


Animal allies received 344 gifts, each filled with food, treat, toy, blanket and useful item

  • 247 dog gifts
  • 85 cat gifts
  • 5 puppy gifts
  • 7 kitten gifts


  • R2000 vet account payment 


  • 65 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 30 large Boss cans
  • 20 blankets
  • 60 Beeno boxes
  • 100kgs dog pellets
  • 30 Rollo treats
  • 50 pouches


  • 500kgs Montego pellets
  • 50 Beeno boxes
  • 50 large Husky tins
  • 60 pouches
  • 50 blankets
  • 30 toys


  • 75 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 10 extra blankets
  • 150 extra food items
  • 131 extra treats
  • 147 extra useful items
  • 32 extra toys


  • 71 dog gifts, each filled with food, treat, toy, blanket and useful item


  • 10 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 140kgs pellets
  • 40 pamper cans
  • 20 pouches
  • 10 blankets


Cat shack received 40 gifts:

  • 30 cat gifts, made up with financial donations consisting of:
    • 30kgs pellets
    • 30 packets nibbles
    • 30kg cat litter
    • 36 dewormer tables
    • 24 cat pouches

they also received:

  • 10 large dog tins
  • 10 packets of 500g beenos
  • 8kgs of dog pellets


We wanted to give Cat Village a tin of food for each cat, well suppawters, you did it!!

  • 1239 tins
  • 88kgs of pellets

This is a huge donation, thank you all.


CLAW received 144 gifts, each filled with food, treat, toy, blanket and useful item

  • 63 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 51 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 5 puppy gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 5 kitten gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 48kgs of food
  • 40 treats
  • 20 shell pools


  • 66 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 52 extra cat toys
  • cat scratches
  • extra food
  • extra treats


205 boxes in total.

Received 150 "unpacked" boxes, bought with financial donations, the boxes consisted of:

  • 50 cat boxes:
    • 50 cat toys, 50 packs of nibbles, 50 tins of cat food, 50 fleece blankets
  • 100 dog boxes:
    • 100 dog toys, 100 packs of beenos, 12 large bags of pellets, 50 large stormy blankets

They also received:

  • 10 Clam shell pools - dogs love these
  • 60kgs of montego
  • 10 packs of donated boxes from the public, each filled with at least 5 items.


  • 50 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 50 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 72kgs pellets
  • 3 boxes Beenos
  • 5 litre Handy Andy 


  • 250kgs Montego pellets
  • 30 large Husky cans
  • 50 Beenos boxes
  • 30 toys


  • 190 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 60 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 350kgs pellets
  • 65 Beeno boxes
  • 20 blankets
  • 40 large dog cans
  • 200 toys




  • 304kgs of cat pellets, as follows:
  • 34 x 5kg Friskies
  • 26 x 5kg Epol and Friskies mixed
  • 1 x 4kg packet
  • 30 packets of nibbles


  • 110 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 35 blankets
  • 50 extra food items
  • 10 extra treats
  • 50 extra useful


  • 60 dog gifts (Each filled with 5 items)
  • 24 boss cans
  • 50 Regal treats, 25 Rollo treats
  • 50 extra toys


  • 75 dog gifts bought with financial donations as follows:
    • 75 blankets
    • 75kgs pellets
    • 75 tins
    • 75 toys
    • 75 bowls
  • 7 kgs of montego treat biscuits


  •  70 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)




  • 20 dog gifts (Each filled with 5 items)
  • 10 cat gifts (Each filled with 5 items)
  • 117 extra toys
  • 32kgs cat pellets
  • 20 Beeno boxes
  • 200kgs dog pellets


  • Received 150 "unpacked" boxes, bought with financial donations:
    • 150 fleece blankets
    • 150 toys
    • 150 beeno packs
    • 136kgs puppy food
    • 50 good quality leashes


  • 50 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 50 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 20 cat biscuits
  • 40 cat pouches
  • 30 kgs cat litter


  • 10 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 130 kgs pellets
  • 40 Pamper cans


  • 100 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 50 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 27 blankets
  • 50 extra useful items
  • 100 pouches
  • 20kgs food
  • 30 toys


  • Spaniel Rescue received 50 gifts purchased with virtual box money
  • 75 blankets
  • 50kgs Montego pellets
  • 50 tins
  • 50 toys
  • 50 bowls
  • as well Beeno treat biscuits


  • 60 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 60 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)


  • 120 gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 14 dog bowls
  • 6 extra blankets




SPCA Sandton received 305 gifts, each filled with food, treat, toy, blanket and useful item
A Huge thank you to ER24 whose donation made up a large portion of the goodies SPCA Sandton Received


  • 191 gifts, each filled with food, treat, toy, blanket and useful item
  • As well as a lot of extra food
  • some treats
  • other loose items


  • 10 x Rollo treats
  • 16kg Cat pellets
  • 10 x Full dog bags
  • 30 x 5L Containers
  • 59 x Blankets
  • 61 x Usefull
  • 100 x Beenos
  • 24 Cans Pampers
  • 32 x Dog food cans
  • 380 x Dog pellets
  • 60 x Hooves


  • R500 vet bill donation


  • 70 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • 50 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)


9th DAY

We were able to add these beneficiaries:

  • Cash Bar Cats:
    • 154 kgs cat pellets
    • 36 Pamper cans
    • 48 pouches
    • 24 Nibbles boxes
  • Cat Angels Kolenade:
    • 167 kgs cat pellets
    • 76 x Pampers
    • 62 kg Cat pellets
    • 336kg x Dog pellets
    • 50 x Regal treats
    • 2 x Cat beds
    • 2 x Blankets
    • 20 x Large cans dogfood
    • 3 x Hooves
    • 7 x Usefull
  • RDP Houses:
    • 25 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
    • 26 kgs cat food
    • 120 cat pouches
  • ALPS
    • 57 dog and cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
  • BARC
    • 50 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
    • 200 kgs dog food
    • 108 tins
    • 70 hooves
    • 1 box Beenos
    • 2 dog shampoo
    • 5 balls
    • 2 conditioning tablets
    • Staff goodies

Paws @ Heart

Thank you so much Santa Cause for Paws and everyone else involved! We are so happy for our donations from you guys! This Christmas will be a wonderful one for our special fur babies. Cheronne Dobie and her mother brought us the wonderful gifts this morning. God bless you all!😇❤️🐶 Thanx to: Protea Hotel - Manor, Nicky, Alivio, Johan Marais, Martie, Mandi, Bianca, Protea Hotel - Hunters Rest, Francois& Hanna, Protea Hotel - Highveld & Witbank, Melissa Swart, Angel, Medicare Private Hospital, Cheronne, Tan, Julie, Julie & Jacques, A. Venter, J. Cronje, I Fourie, Reneè and Conly...all sponsors of the parcels we received. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Rustenburg SPCA

Christmas came early this year at the Rustenburg SPCA, we received some great goodies for the animals as well as the staff. We thank SANTA CAUSE FOR PAWS for choosing us as their drop off for 2016. We also thank Cheronne Dobie, Claudia Ferreira, Sanire Western Bushveld branch, Protea Hotels, Ohna, El-Rie, Antoinette, Megan, Benji, Medicare Private Hospital, Rose, Terence, Desire, Hunters Rest, Waldo, Dannita, Daniela, Zhoë, Jessica, Hannelie, Ryan, Melissa Swart, Jeanette, Jeani, Thandi, Zelmarie, Rolyn Engineering, Renee, Elba, Sonne, Alivio, Leticia, Xander, Nicky, Conly, Dannita, Z JV Rensburg and Kim for pledging towards the welfare of the animals.


Cape town we smashed records this year!!

We donated to the following charities for 2016:

61 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
61 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
Cape of Good Hope SPCA
150 gifts (each filled with 5 items)
A large donation was handed over to DARG,

232 boxes each filled iwth 5 items
extra loose items
shell pools
Fallen Angels
53 dog gifts (each filled with 5 items)
34 cat gifts (each filled with 5 items)
10 puppy gifts (each filled with 5 items)
11 kitten gifts (each filled with 5 items)
5 shell pools
extra goodies
SA Mast
We paid R2000 to SA Masts vet bill

We were able to add all of these beneficiaries:

31 Dog boxes (each filled with 5 items)
16 packs brown rice
5 packs cotton wool
3 x beef sinew packs
7x pressed bone
6x round duo mix
8x droewirs 140g
1x raw 820g chips 30 pack
5 x probono biscuits
2x 8kg vitagen
3 x steelbowls
6x pressed bone
5x round duo mix
8x droewors 140g
1x raw 820g chips 30 pk
5 x probono
1x raw twist 50 pk
25 x blankets
19 Dog boxes (each filled with 5 items)
Halfway haven
6x pressed bone
6x roubd duo mix
8x droewors 140g
1x rae chips 30pk
5x probono
10 shell pools
25 blankets
Change for the better
60 dog boxes (each filled with 5 items)
Shell pools
Animal Anti Cruelty League
Loose toys
11 dog, 14 cat, 2 puppy and 3 kitten Boxes (each filled with 5 items)
50 boxes each filled with 5 items
Bags of Purina Husky Dog food
Swartland & West Coast SCPA (Darling)
50 bowls
50 dog toys
50 fleece blankets
5 other blankets
36 husky tins
1 box beenos
Peanut Animal Welfare
40 boxes Each filled with Food Treat Toy Blanket Useful item
Lucky Lucy
65 boxes (each filled with 5 items)
Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation

51 boxes (each filled with 5 items)

Grahamstown Christmas Drive


Santa Cause for Paws, Eastern Cape, Grahamstown had a successful handover to our recipient Charity the SPCA Grahamstown on the 12 December 2015.

We would like to thank the Grahamstown community and furkid lovers for making this a success. A special love and thanks to all that donated and the following people who had a hand in our run up to our first ever Christmas Drive:

ImaginAttic and Pure Imagination Media for the Posters and flyers; Rorbax media for the TV adverts; the Grahamstown Parents Network for advertising; Redwood Spur for the vouchers; Hoof and Hound and Pam Golding Grahamstown for being our drop off points; Stand Up Fitness Mafia for allowing us to store our goods and for hosting a boxing workshop; Champs Action Bar and the bands that played for the charity gig; DSG Prep, Vets choice and Royal Canin for the donations; Evanescent Photography for these amazing pics; Ellen, Stuart, Mark and Sylvia for helping with our drop off and Grocott's Mail Online for covering our story!

In total, 101 boxes were pledged, well over our initial box target of 70: Dog 42, Cat 21, Kitten 22, Puppy 16 :)

The following items were donated:
*Takelot box filled with 22 Cat and kitten items: 20kgs of cat litter, various cat and kitten treats, food, toys, dewormers

*Hoof and Hound donations from Vets choice, Royal Canin and donations from DSG Prep:
Cats tin food: 24 x 425g tin food, 4 x 820g, 3x170g
Dogs tin food: 5x385g, 25 x425g, 8 x775g, 9x820g
Puppy tin food: 5x85g, 4x 85

Cat dry food: 50.9kg
Dog dry food; 108.8kgs
Puppy: 74kgs

Cat sachets: 47
Dog sachets: 22
Kitten stchets: 3
Puppy sachets: 12

Candice for 12 large dog jerseys, 10 puppy jerseys and a dog harness

*Donation of R250 for staff was used to buy a new kettle and 6 mugs with treats

Grahamstown Easter Drive

Santa Cause for Paws was proud to collect donations for the Farm Animal Centre for Education (, the recipient charity of the newly established Eastern Cape division's mini easter collection.
300kg of dry equine food;
both tinned and dry dog and cat food;
chicken feed;
and various veterinary medicines were donated.
Many thanks to all involved, including those who donated;
the Grahamstown Veterniary Clinic;
the Hoof and Hound pet store;
Petsmart Grahamstown;
Happy Living;
Grocotts Mail;
Pick n' Pay;
the Peppercorn;
The Spot;
Rorbax Media and
Stand Up Fitness Mafia 
for all the assistance and for volunteering as drop-off, advertising and storage points.

Christmas JHB PTA

2015 Was our biggest year yet, we managed to collect 4211 boxes in Jhb and Pta alone!
We were able to help spread the cheer to many charities.

200 Dog boxes
50 cat boxes
R10 000 donation
240kgs of dog food

R2000 vet bill donation
1 ton of montego dog food
65 Kong balls
30 Husky large cans

Border Collie Rescue
75 dog boxes
R9 100 vet bill payment
80 cans of dog food
20 extra toys
5kgs beenos
12 Regal repair remedy

50 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
A bunch of extras

114 Cat boxes
R2000 vet bill payment

1015 Ccans of cat food, yes over one thousand cans of cat food
92kgs of cat pellets
R3000 vet bill payment

9th DAY
160 Dog boxes
25 Cat boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
275kg of Montego dog food
Lots of extras

138 Dog boxes
92 Cat boxes
R4000 vet bill payment
37 stainless steel dog bowls
10 cat carriers
bags of dog food

14 Cat boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
100kg cat pellets
100 tins of cat food
2 cat scratches
80 cat pouches
40 cat toys
boxes of treats

205 Dog boxes
100 Cat boxes
R6100 donations
5 cat scratches
5 pet beds
108 large dog cans
154kg puppy food
11 nexgard chewable tick prevention tablets
6 advocate parasite treatment
Jeans Treats
loose cat and dog toys

40 Dog Boxes
10 Cat boxes
R500 vet bill payment
50 cans of dog food
50 cat toys
100 leashes and 50 collars (costing R12 000)

117 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payments
extra treats, toys and food

Pretoria Dog Rescue
50 dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
328kgs of dog pellets
80 cans of dog food
10kg rice

Nordic Rescue
50 dog boxes
R2000 donation
3 pet beds
19 dog bowls
1 water shell
176kg dog pellets

209 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment

219 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
13 cans of dog foof
188kgs of dog pellets

70 Dog boxes
80 cat boxes
R2000 vet bill
40kg dog food pellets
cat scratches
170 cat pouches
1.5kg cat litter

60 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
210kg dog pellets
40 Husky cans large
10kg Beeno treats

56 Dog boxes
R2000 vet bill payment
2kg herbal pet dewormer
250kg of Montego pellets

120 Dog boxes
110 Cat boxes

20 Dog Boxes
15 Cat boxes
R5100 vet bill payment to outreach

85 Dog boxes
30 cat boxes
30kg dog pellets

120 Dog boxes
45 cat boxes
Extra goodies

60 Dog boxes
R2000 Donation
Regal training goodies
160kg dog food
5kg beenos
25 hooves
20 large biscuits
60 toys
12 regal remedies

100kgs of cat food
100 cans of petleys
50kgs of rice
99 whiskas pouches
9 cat boxes (each filled with a blanket, food, treat, toy and useful item)

150 Dog Boxes
90 Cat boxes
R2000 vet bill donation
Food for farm animals

90 Dog boxes

20 Cat boxes
155kg cat food pellets
80 cat tins
cat scratches

135 Dog Boxes
97 Cat boxes
Regal stuff
100 dog pouches
120 cat pouches
16 Regal products
cat scratchers
100 Jeans Treats
5kg beenos
15 Rogz toys
160kg dog food

Adorabull Bull Terrier Rescue
60 dog boxes
24 regal products
large bag of treats
20 loose toys
4 educational bowls
10 shampoos
120kg of dog food

80 Dog boxes
33 cat boxes
R2000 payment
24kg dog food

209 Dog boxes
R2000 donation
Dog food pellets
Extra goodies

74 Dog Boxes
4 cat boxes
2kg Montego kitten
88kg dog food

69 Cat boxes
A bunch of extras
Thank you for collecting

74 cat boxes
Thank you for collecting

106 dog boxes
14 bags of dog food
5 beds

56 Cat boxes

3 dog boxes
49 catr boxes

10 Dog boxes
Food, treats and toys loose.

Vaal and Surrounds

The spca received 50 Boxes, each filled with 5 goodies. 20 dog 20 cat 5 puppy 5 kitten.

Purrpaws for Life

R1100 vet bill payment as well.

Adorabull Rescue
JHB/PTA boxes were given to this org, to help our fellow Vaal friends out!|
We were able to drop off the following to Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue and Rehabilitation - where the gorgeous Jack was there to accept the donation:
- 60 Boxes
- 120kg Dry food
- Staff items
- Large bag of treats
- 20 Extra toys
- 4 Educational bowls
- 10 Shampoo
- 24 Regal products

Durban Donations

Mazarat Kennels were visited by Santa Cause for Paws and received the following for the animals in their care:
25 Dog boxes
15 Cat boxes


We visited the Durban & Coast SPCA and took them lots of lovely surprises for their animals:
60 Dog Boxes
15 Puppy Boxes
20 Cat Boxes
24 Kitten Boxes
7 kg Puppy food
24kg Adult dog food

We were able to add Lesley's Kitten Rescue to our beneficiary list. We visited these kitties' pawesome home in Padfield Park, Pinetown and they received the following:
5 Kitten Boxes
20 Cat Boxes

We visited Persian Cat Rescue Durban, set in the most beautiful tranquil surrounds of Umhlanga. We met the amazing Sylvia, who was moved to tears by their donation. She does such incredible work with the Persians in her care and we look forward to visiting again soon. They received:
33 Cat Boxes
4 Kitten Boxes

Kloof & Highway SPCA was one of our added beneficiaries that we were able to spoil with lots of pawesome Santa Paws boxes for the many cats and dogs in their care. They received the following:
75 Dog Boxes
35 Cat boxes
26 kgs Dog food
9,5 kgs Puppy food
Box of extras made up of: beenos, husky tin food, pedigree pouch sachets, cat & dog toys, 1 collar and 1 donated cat carrier.

9 Boxes donated to Feral Cat Rescue: 4 Kitten Boxes, 5 Cat Boxes

10 boxes donated to Kitty Care: 2 Kitten boxes, 8 Cat boxes


PAWS - Potch Animal Welfare Society Received the following in December:

141 boxes each filled with 5 items
29 PUPPY BOXES (6 from financial donations)
18 KITTEN BOXES (6 from financial donations)
29 CAT BOXES (4 from financial donations)

Dry Food:
Royal Canin Cat Food - 30kg
Dog Sense Puppy Food - 60kg
Fetch Dog Food - 200kg
Montego Classic Dog Food - 33kg (from financial donations)
Whiskas Kitten Food - 900g
Whiskas Cat Food - 8.5kg
Catmor Cat Food - 3.5kg
Epol Cat Food - 3.6kg
Vet's Choice Puppy Food - 1.8kg

Wet Food:
Pampers Cat Tin - 4
Pampers Kitten Tin - 2
Husky Puppy Tin - 3
Husky Dog Tin - 6
Kitekat pouches - 144
Whiskas pouches - 36
PnP pouches - 42

A Kettle (from financial donations)
2 boxes cleaning supplies (JIK/dettol/handy andy - from financial donations)
18 blankets (11 from financial donations - other 6 went to puppy boxes)
one soft dog bed


Lucky Lucy Received the following:
320 Boxes, each filled with 5 items (blanket, food, treat, toy and useful item)
Staff goodies
Extra items for the animals

Chain Boland Received the following:
150 Boxes, each filled with 5 items (blanket, food, treat, toy and useful item)
Staff goodies
Extra items for the animals
48 boxes of Beanos from our friends at DARG

Raise 'n Rescue received the following:
Over R7000 worth of Royal Canin Mom and Baby Cat food.
R3400 VET bill payment.
Staff goodies
Extra items for the animals from our friends at DARG


R3400 vet bill payment
Over 300 boxes each filled with 5 goodies
Extra loose items


Please note that 2014 hit off with such a bang, we were not able to capture all of the donations. Here are just a few of them.
PETS JHB Received:
150 dog boxes
51 puppy boxes
50 cat boxes
20 kitten boxes
1 kennel
100 hooves
staff goodies
Wetnose received:
150 x Adult dog boxes
35 x Puppy boxes
60 x Cat boxes
15 x Kitten boxes
40kg Carrots
22kg Apples
30 Packets of Jean's treats
86 x Dog chews
Loads of staff goodies
Viv Jones Feral feeder:
Viv takes care of many many feral cats by trapping them and continuously feeding them 
She received:
38.4kgs cat food (various brands)
21 cat tins (pampers and lucky pet)
1 blanket
FREEME Received:
EPOL Antelope Cube 200 KG
Wild Bird Seed 100 KG
Sorghym Red 250 KG
Duck pellets floating 200 KG
Chick Chick No 1 Fine Mixed Fowl Food 50 KG
Epol Broiler Econo Grower Pellets 120 KG
Epol Layer Suregrower 100 Meal 120 KG
Chick Chick No 2 50 KG
All ordered from Milmac with donation money,
Thank you for helping us donate over 1 ton of food :)
SPCA Pretoria Received:
30 Adult dog boxes 
440kg x Dog pellets
15kg x Cat food
2 x 400g 
13kg x Beenos and other doggy treats


Roodepoort Spca also benefited: Added beneficiary!!
22 dog boxes 
1 cat box
37 cat pouches
10 large cat tins...
5 small cat tins
2 cat carriers
10 kg dog food
Box staff goodies; coffee, chocolates, gifts, body cream etc

Petsave received: 
34 dog boxes
4 cat boxes
5 puppy boxes
16 kgs of Royal Canin
We tried to ensure that all the boxes received by Petsave contained vet food in them =)
We paid off one doggies vet bill, an amount of R1199.05.

Barking Mad received:

150 squeaky tennis balls, 
150 pouches, 
250kgs of montego, 
100 hooves, 
150 treats (biscuits) thanks to Jeans Treats for giving us discount, 
75 good quality thick fleece blankets,
A box of various dog toys 
Whole lot of staff stuff. 
They also received R5000 donation thanks to a company donation we received.
72 Christmas lunch packs, each pack included one pouch, one hoove and one tin of food. We also donated 80kgs of pellets.

Soweto Rescue received:
R2000 to their shelter
Over 206 Dog boxes
11 Cat boxes
69 puppy boxes
100 hooves
150 packs of treats, thanks to Jeans Treats for giving us a discount
Many extra items- pouches, tins, etc
2 boxes filled with staff goodies

Pug Rescue received:

230 adult dog boxes
40 puppy boxes
100 hooves
130 packets of treats from pet e fours
10 jerseys made by Annies Angels.

Animal Allies received:
218 Dog Boxes
54 puppy boxes
17 cat boxes
3 kitten boxes
250 kgs of pellets
300 hooves
70 Jeans dog treats
65 Pet E Fours biscuits
Bag of rawhide treats
Loads of staff goodies including tea, coffee, chocolates, biscuits, etc. 

Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue and Rehabilitation: ADDED BENEFICIARY!!
50 x Adult dog boxes
30 x Tennis balls
25 Mixed treats
Bag of goodies for all the helpers.

10KG Ultra Dog Vet Food (Thanks to Food corp for sponsoring this)
1 Large beef bone
1 tennis ball
1 other type of dog toy (tennis ball or rope string)
1 Large tin of food
1 pouch
1 lead (Leash)
1 treat (hoove, or biscuit)
1 packet cheese and biltong treats from Jeans Treats
1 packet peanut butter biscuits from Jeans Treats
1 sausage raw hide
1 bottle of shampoo
1 Packet of beenos
Each one received a 90L Plastic bucket with all the goodies in
Each handler also received a hand made beaded keyring in the shape of a rhino, elephant or ostrich.
We also gave staff goodies, including tea, coffee, and biscuits.

200KGS of Montego (1 x 25kg bag each, total 8 bags)
80 KGS of Ultra Dog Vet food (4 x 20kg bags)
1 large beef bone each
2 bobtail pouches each
1 Large dog bowl each
1 Large beef bone each
2 rawhide circle and sausage chews each
1 double - clip lead each
2 toys (Rope toys with balls) each
1 shampoo each

300KGS Of Ultra Dog Vet Food
11 Silver stainless steel Large dog food bowls
17 Silver stainless steel Large dog water bowls
30 dog toys (rope toys with balls and ropes with handles and chews)
28 tennis balls
3 Puppy tennis balls
2 large kong air balls
1 medium kong air ball
10 rawhide circle chews
1kg benoos
5 fleece blankets
1 box of staff goodies
3 shampoos / dips
R10 000 to train one of the guide dog puppies!!

Brakpan spca received: ADDED BENEFICIARY!!
Lots of goodies from us too, they received a large pile of 8kg pellets, and many boxes too.

Midrand SPCA received: ADDED BENEFICIARY!!
106 boxes
14 bags of dog food 
and 5 beds. 
The best part is, they are an added beneficiary of the drive!!

Christmas in July

Husky Rescue - Husky Haven
5 x clam shells which the dogs will use as water bowls and pools.
6 x boxes of 1kg beenos treats
1 x box of senior beenos treats
8 x 25kg adult montego pellets (Total of 200Kg's)
1 x 25kg puppy montego pellets
6 x tennis balls
A couple rope ball toys
Burrows Rescue

They received 279kgs of good quality vet food (Royal Canin, Vets choice and Eukanuba) as well as yummy Montego Pet Nutrition, as follows:
2 x 2kg royal canin
2 x 3kg royal canin
1 x 3kg eukanuba
6 x 12kg royal canin
2 x 12kg eukanuba senior
1 x 20kg vets choice
6 x 25kg Montego
1 x clam pool shell
1 x 1kg box beenos
2 x large blankets
2 x rope toys
12 x interactive dog toys
2 x tennis balls
2 x husky tins
4 x bowls
Feral Squad Pretoria43.1 KG Dog Food
1KG Beeno biscuits
327.35KG Cat Food
25 x Cat food pouches
1 x 85G Biscuits
1 x 5KG Cat litter
6KG Kitten Food
12 x Kitten food pouches
2 x Pet toothpastes
3 x Food bowls
14 x Cat toys
21 x Blankets
8 x Beds & pillows

16 x 25KG Dog pellets
23 x 20KG Dog pellets
5 x 8KG Dog pellets
5 x 1KG Beeno biscuits
13 x Blankets
11 X Dog leads
19 x Dog leashes
15 x Dog toys
That is more than 900KG of food we were able to donate to them.

We were fortunately enough to receive so many donations during the “Christmas in July 2014” campaign that we were able to also give some goodies to another Pretoria shelter. 
PWWRR received the following to assist them with their Outreach program:
1 x 25KG Dog pellets
10 x 20KG Dog pellets
6 x 8KG Dog pellets
1 x 3KG Dog pellets
21 x 1.75KG Dog pellets
30 x 820G Tinned dog food
12 x 385G Tinned dog food


Cat Shack cc
1 x Royal Canin Kitten Milk
2 x Hills AD prescription diet
1 x fancy feast
129 Kitten Pouches
1800g whiskas kitten pellets
4 baby blankets
11 kitten tins
Few towels

Ark Animal Centre:
Puppy food:
110,7kg puppy pellets
4 small tins
11 pouches
3 boxes of Beeno's
10 other treats
9 toys
16 x blankets
1 x jersey
1 x harness
5 x rolls black bags
10 x air freshener
Pens & pen refills
4 x material shopping bags
1 x pack cable ties
1 x pet deoderant
1 x shoo fly
1 x standing fan
Newspaper & platic packets

Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg: 
161,5kg dog pellets
6 small food tins
41 large food tins
8 food pouches
9 toys
12 packs of treats
1 dog brush
15 blankets

23,6 kg cat pellets
40 pouches
2 large food tins
2 small food tins
10 toys
90kg cat litter

Chicken rescue and rehabilitation:
80kg epol laying chicken pellets.
12 kg mixed poultry bags of food
11 plastic bowls
A black bag full of towels and blankets
1 rescue remedy
1 duvet
R400 for dischem, which they used to purchase medical supplies.

43,9kg cat pellets
215 kg cat litter
3 large cat tins
5 small cat tins
5 blankets
3 cat toys

16kg dog pellets
5 large tins
2 small tins
1.6kg dog biscuits
2 hooves
3 small dog bowls
9 dog toys

Little Critters:
2 x Cuni Nature rabbit food (good quality food without pellets)
5 bags of rabbit pellets
1 Cali Nature bag of guinea pig food
1 bag small pets food
2 Russel rabbit bags
Fresh food:
4 cucumbers
2 packets spinach
2 packets rocket
4 bags of carrots
Big bag (±15) green peppers
A collection of bedding and small tunnels for little animals, 
kindly donated by Crazy Creatures pet store, 
who hand make all items for your furry friends, please note they do NOT sell animals.

We also donated an 8kg bag of pellets and 4 tins of dog food for Petsave, 
which cares for and finds suitable homes for disabled/ special needs animals. 
Run by the same lady as Little Critters.

Vaal and Surrounds

Jhb/Pta was able to help out our Vaal furries,
Christmas 2014 - Gauteng drop off Friday was the turn of Bull Terrier, Adorabull Rescue and Rehabilitation to receive some Christmas cheer and we were able to help them out because of all the extra boxes we received! They received the following: 50 x Adult dog boxes 30 x Tennis balls 25 Mixed treats Bag of goodies for all the helpers!


Helping Paws received:
360kgs of pellets
Useful items- shampoo, dewormers and bow
4 Paws and a Tale Rescue was an added beneficiary Thanks to all the AMAZING suppawt we recieved in Durban.
They received:
20 cats
40 dogs
Huge box of extras
R1313 donation to vet bill
Thank you Durban♡
Animal Anti-Cruelty league received:
65 Dog boxes
62 Cat boxes
20 Puppy boxes
20 Kitten boxes
R2 000.00 donation
Amanzimtoti SPCA received:
70 Dog boxes
50 Cat boxes
25 Puppy boxes
25 Kitten boxes
Big box of extras & staff items
33x dog tins
11x cat tins
33.75kg's dog pellets
7.75kg's cat pellets
So many gorgeous loving animals looking for forever homes! Please pay them a visit if you are in the area.
Howick SPCA received:
100 Dog boxes
54 Cat boxes
20 Puppy boxes
11 Kitten boxes
Big box of staff items
Purr-fect Rescued Cats received:
8 Dog boxes
130 Cat boxes
30kg's Royal Canin cat food
Thank you Linda for your devotion to these animals.
Animally Haven received:
25 Dog boxes
50 Cat boxes
12 Kitten boxes
Big box of extra items
Big box of staff items
R1 800 to their vet account for 4 cat sterilisations.
Second chance sanctuary received:
80 cat boxes
8 dog boxes
6 kitten boxes
45kgs of Royal Canin feline fit32
A big box of extra items (dog treats, 30 bags of catnip, dog toys, bowls etc)
Staff items
R1000 towards their vet bill :)
Thank you to Royal Canin South Africa for allowing us to purchase the cat pellets at a discounted price


Christmas in July

Bunville rabbit rescue received the following:
8 x rabbit advantage treatments
10kg bag of lucern
1x big bag of eragrastius hay
1x bag small animal bedding
1x 800g Cuni Nature rabbit food
1 kg avi plus complete
2 x 650g Cuni crispy snacks
2x 120g crazy carrot treats
3kg Russel Rabbit food tub
5kg Daro gourmet rabbit food
2x 2kg marltons pellets
3x 2kg highlands pellets
1x 10kg rabbit pellet mix
Total of 28.8kgs of rabbit food
R200 gift voucher to builders warehouse for hutch supplies
AND R400 towards Bunville Rabbit Rescues vet bill.
Thank You Santa Cause for Paws suppawters
The SPCA Pietermaritzburg received the following:
86kg's Cat food
57,3kg's Kitten food
405kg's Dog food
80kg's Puppy food
146 Blankets
Molweni Animal Outreach
112,75kg’s Dry dog food
3x 820g Dog tin food
8x Dog food sachets
10,25kg’s Dry puppy food
11,75kg’s Dry cat food
38x Cat food sachets
2kg’s Dry kitten food
12x Kitten food sachets
3x bowls



1x 25kg Bobtail adult pellets
3x 8kg Vitagen adult pellets
7x 775g tin food
1x 1kg Beeno oval treats
1x 500g Beeno oval treats
2x boxes 8 pouch gravy chunks
4x rope toys
5x tennis balls
2x blankets

Christmas in July

JHB / PTA were able to help out Rustenburg with a donation

16 x 25KG Dog pellets
23 x 20KG Dog pellets
5 x 8KG Dog pellets
5 x 1KG Beeno biscuits
13 x Blankets
11 X Dog leads
19 x Dog leashes
15 x Dog toys
That is more than 900KG of food we were able to donate to them.


Cape Town started with a Christmas in July drive in 2014 and a Christmas drive. Here are a few of the achievements:

AACL Cape Town
R1 500
40 Dog boxes
20 Puppy Boxes
30 Cat boxes
20 Kitten boxes
Additional Items for staff
Leashes--sponsored by @Courierit SA

Our Drops for Mdzananda included:
R 3 000 Financial Donation
45 Dog Boxes
15 Puppy Boxes
25 Cat boxes
17 Kitten boxes
6 staff boxes
4 bags of clothes
16 tins of cat food
3 additional bags of cat food
1 bag of dog food
miscellaneous, including dog bowls, collars, cat scratching post and the like.

Christmas in July

For Christmas in July, we donated to Spaniel Rescue South Africa, Lucky Lucy Foundation, and Raise 'n Rescue.
Donations given to Lucky Lucy Foundation! Loot includes over 300 kg of dog and cat food, blankets, nearly 100 treats, dewormers and flea treatments, dozens of canned foods and nearly 75 sachets of wet food (for dog and cat), amongst other things!

Spaniel Rescue South Africa received 100 Kg Montego Pet Nutrition, 4 Protexin probiotics, deworming tablets for each spaniel, biscuits, chew toys and some balls! — at Claremont Cape Town.

CPT--Today, this is going to Raise 'n Rescue. 31KG royal canin cat food, 1 container babymilk, 7.5 kg dog royal canin dog food, 4 blankets, 1 scratching post, 4 adorable bowls, two packets of kitty treats, 5 fleapowders, 1 packet cat litter, 1 probiotic container and dewormers!

Our first drive

A total of 2259 parcels plus many bags of pellets and boxes of extra goodies were collected for Johannesburg and Pretoria, and they were distributed to the following charities:
* Kitty and Puppy Haven (200 parcels, a load of extras, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Wollies Animal Project (117 parcels, a few boxes of extras, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Border Collie Rescue (29 parcels, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Alberton SPCA (66 parcels, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Hellen White Working in the Community (355 parcels, extras and 3 bags of staff goodies)
* CLAW - Community Led Animal Welfare (180 parcels, many bags of pellets, staff goodies)
* 4paws (118 parcels, extras, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* FORA - Friends of Rescued Animals (425 parcels, extras, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Brakpan SPCA (252 parcels, extras, 3 bags of staff goodies)
* Cat Village (386 parcels, 3 bags of staff goodies)
Due to the huge support we received from the public, apart from giving enough packs for the animals of each organisation listed above, we were able to add the following charities on to receive goodies too:
* Spaniel Resue SA (+- 20 parcels, many bags and tins of food, small staff donation)
* Roodepoort SPCA (+- 43 parcels, a few extras)
* Co Sanc / Dr Hahn (a number of boxes with extras, bags and tins of food)
* Kempton Park SPCA (+- 50 parcels, a number of 8 kg bags of food)
* Kitty Mewtopia (+- 20 Parcels and extras, blankets, cat scratches)
* Trix 4 Animals (12 parcels)
* Parys SPCA (R450 donation towards food)
* Midrand SPCA (parcels delivered directly by wild frontiers)
* Pigs 'n Paws (1120 kgs of pig food ordered and paid for them)
* Feral cat food (60 kgs and 20 tins split by 3 feral feeders)
* Animal Allies (200kgs of complete pet pellets)
* Randburg SPCA (25kgs of complete pet pellets)
* Greyhound Rescue SA (15 parcels)

Durban Donations

Kloof and Highway SPCA received
34 dog parcels,
1 full box of extra food/treat items and
1 box of extra blankets and
useful items (bowls, collars, shampoo, de-worm & de-flea items)
Thank You to our generous supporters we were able to ADD Kloof and Highway SPCA onto our list of beneficiaries :) One thing we can learn from these furbabies is that no matter what their circumstances they all have a smile on their faces <3

Mazarat pet country club kennels-
Thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to help Mazarat pet country club kennels.
Mazarat received
25 dog boxes and 17 puppy boxes from Santa Cause for Paws.
Hillside Haven is a home for differently-abled cats and various other rescued animals.
Hillside Haven provides a sanctuary and healthcare for the animals so that they can lead a full and happy life.
Hillside Haven aims to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and differently-abled cats and the possibilities they can still have as loving pets.
Hillside Haven received 46 Cat boxes, 7 dog boxes and 6 Kitten boxes

Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment PACT
Thank You to all our supporters,
Santa Cause for Paws was able to donate
31 dog parcels,
35 kitten parcels,
18 puppy parcels,
18 puppy deworming tablets and
9 x 1.75kg bags of catmor.
Thank You for making it possible for us to add P.AC.T to our list of beneficiaries.
4 Paws and a Tale Rescue
Thank You too all our wonderful supporters of Santa Cause for Paws- we were able to donate 136 cat parcels, 40 dog parcels, 35 puppy parcels and 6 kitten parcels as well as 42kg's of puppy food and 55kg of dog food♥
Project Dog
Thank You to all our amazing supporters Project Dog received 135 dog parcels, 6 kitten parcels and 45 puppy parcel.

Targets (South Africa)